About Us


We envisage a world where people with disability are equal and valued; where diversity is celebrated, needs are fulfilled and opportunities realised.


Side By Side Advocacy promotes and upholds the rights, needs and interests of people with intellectual disability to enable full and meaningful participation in the community.


Each person’s life is of equal and inherent value and worth.

People with disability have the right to advocacy and to protection from
devaluation, neglect, abuse and the denial of human rights.

People with disability have the right to be treated as individuals, and not in terms of their disability.

All people are entitled to comprehensive and appropriate support to ensure full inclusion into the community.

All people have the right to make decisions about their own lives.

All people should be treated with dignity and respect.

All people have the right to be safe, valued and accepted.

All people have the potential to grow and develop and should be provided with opportunities.

All people regardless of gender, age, ethnicity, sexuality or religion have the same human and legal rights.

People with disability are to be treated in accordance with the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disability.


Side By Side Advocacy was founded in April 1990 in response to unmet fundamental needs of people with intellectual disability in the Ryde and Hunter’s Hill local government areas. We were originally known as Citizen Advocacy Ryde-Hunter’s Hill. We set up a Citizen Advocacy program to identify people with intellectual disability who were at risk of neglect, abuse or isolation. We then matched them with carefully chosen and trained volunteers, who became Citizen Advocates.

In July 2007 Side By Side Advocacy expanded its operation to include Individual Advocacy in addition to our Citizen Advocacy program. Individual Advocacy is provided by our professional staff and is available to people with intellectual disability in the northern part of Sydney. We cover the local government areas of Hornsby, Hunter’s Hill, Lane Cove, Manly, Mosman, North Sydney, Ryde, Pittwater, Warrringah and Willoughby.


A voluntary Board of Management oversees the legal and financial operation of the organisation. Board members are elected annually and contribute at every level to ensure the ongoing success of Side By Side Advocacy. The Board also has various sub-committees that are created as needed to assist and support the work of our organisation.

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Side By Side Advocacy (ABN: 83 395 577) is an Incorporated Association. We are primarily funded by the Department of Social Services. Side By Side Advocacy is a registered charity (Cc28451) and may accept tax deductable donations from individuals and organisations.

Advocacy is offered without cost to people with disability.


One way to support our organisation is to become a financial member. We also offer corporate membership to organisations that share our values. Please contact us for application enquiries and further information.


There are many ways to become involved in the work of Side by Side Advocacy. Perhaps you could consider:

  • joining the Board or a sub-committee
  • enquiring about becoming an advocate, associate or crisis advocate
  • assisting with fund raising, social or administrative tasks
  • helping us promote Side By Side Advocacy in the community
  • being an informal friend to our organisation

We welcome your enquiry and would be happy to hear other suggestions.


Side By Side Advocacy would like to thank and acknowledge the support of City of Ryde Council.