Inclusive Governance Project

This research project aims to promote the inclusive governance of community organisations by understanding the experiences of people with intellectual disability and identifying structures, policies, procedures and resources that are likely to promote the inclusion of people with intellectual disability.

People with disability are often left out of making important decisions about their own lives. They often have little voice in the decision-making of community organisations and the services provided by these organisations.

The perspective of people with intellectual disability and other board and management committee members will be sought. The strengths and weakness of the governance models and structures in promoting the recruitment, decision-making and leadership of people with an intellectual disability will be identified. It is anticipated that a research outcome will include resources for community organisations who are seeking to engage with more inclusive governance approaches.

Side By Side Advocacy is interested in speaking to members of Boards or Management Committees, both with and without intellectual disability.

We are also interested in speaking to community organisations, both disability specific and mainstream, that may not yet have people with intellectual disability involved in governance positions but are keen to explore and promote more inclusive governance.

Want to know more?

We are now starting to codesign resources to help people know more about what we have learned.

Here is some Easy Read information about what we are doing:

Creating codesigned resources

See our Inclusive Governance Project Brochure

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If you are interested in finding out more about this project and to receive a Participant Information Sheet, please contact the Inclusive Governance Project Officer.

Phone: 02 9808 5500